Flat Management / Service Charges

Residential Property Management

Many of us will, at some time or other, have lived in a block of flats and will be familiar with the statements produced by managing agents dealing with the day to day costs of maintaining the property. These relatively simple documents, and the management company accounts which often accompany them, are but the end product of complex accounting procedures which are often inadequately understood and poorly reported.

We work with a number of managing agents and have considerable experience in dealing with the accounts and audits of many Residential Property Management Companies and with the preparation and certification of Service Charge Accounts. We also provide a full statutory service including the preparation and issue of Share and Membership Certificates to individuals acquiring flats.

We recognise the need to deal with these matters in a timely fashion and to be pro-active in assisting managing agents in fulfilling their duties. We also understand that the users of these accounts are often inexperienced in their interpretation and that clarity and simplicity are paramount.

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